Running Horses

   There are many reasons to live in Lake County. Lakeview has the traditional "small town feel" that many are seeking.
   It is a slower pace of life but still has abundant opportunities for recreation and outdoor activities.
   It offers 4 distict seasons, all of which bring different recreation opportunities. There are relaxing recreation opportunities
   as well as "full bore" sports. The geographic and geologic diversity found here is hard to find anywhere else.
   There are unique opportunities here because of these unique natural conditions.
   And if you can't live here full time, there is an airport in Lakeview to make disconnecting and re-connecting with the "rat race" easier.

   The Annual Round Up and Fair
   Wildlife is Abundant in Lake County
   Snow + Hills = Downhill Skiing
   There are Numerous Natural Spectacles in Lake County including Geysers
   The Sand Dunes are Another Interesting Natural Feature